A skyscraper suspended in an asteroid is it a high-Ground ?

ANTICIPATION. Forget the traditional towers that soar towards the sky. In the future, buildings will be suspended by cables and exceed the highest clouds. How ? Simply by being attached to asteroids in orbit… the Discovery of this crazy idea that sprouted in new york of Clouds Architecture Office.
In the frantic quest of the heights, the mile is not yet reached, that some of the project already over the top. Arconic had imagined a tower that biofilm 4.8 km of height, but she was finally quite classic, with foundations anchored firmly in the soil. Architects new york of Clouds AO go much further. 50,000 km of the earth’s surface, to be precise.
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The owners explain : “Manipulate asteroids is no longer science-fiction. In 2015, the european space Agency has initiated a new investment cycle in mining asteroids in proving, with its Rosetta mission, that it was possible to get close and then landed on a comet whirling. Nasa has planned a mission to retrieve asteroid by 2021, which aims to prove the feasibility of the capture and displacement of a body of this type“. So there it is, the idea of architects : to capture and bring an asteroid close to the Earth and to place it in geosynchronous orbit eccentric. And most importantly, suspend a tour of 30 km high, with a set of cables that hyper-resistant.


A needle suspended on a pebble interplanetary


The building called “Analemma” would describe then a huge swinging pendulum in the form of 8 in the sky, passing from one hemisphere to the other in the time of day. This closed curve, would make, every day, in exactly the same position and its speed relative to the ground would slow down the ends of the two loops, allowing it to these two specific locations, load and unload goods and people, by an interface coupling temporary physical. So far, the building giant of thousands of floors has all of the amenities giving it a certain degree of autonomy, including spaces dedicated to culture off the ground. Designers considering that the water would be filtered and recirculated in semi-closed circuit with inputs from the condensation collected in the wet coats of the atmosphere. Similarly, for the energy, the position of the solar panels at several kilometers altitude, above the clouds, where the air is thinner and no longer emits the rays of the sun, would have a source of electricity more constant and more effective.
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Analemma © Clouds AO

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