A school of architecture aims to help architects to create their structure

BOOST. Scale A, it is the name of the device created in 2016 by the school of architecture of the city & territories of Marne-la-Vallée, whose ambition is to support architects who wish to undertake. To qualify, a new call for application is launched.
You are architect and you plan to create your structure ? This call is for you. For the second year, the school of architecture of the city & territories of Marne-la-Vallée (Éav&t) proposes to apply to the device Scale A whose purpose is to support the creation and development of agencies of architectures.


The school specifies that this call is aimed at architects, regardless of their age, the entrepreneurial project is advanced (existing structure or the creation of which is imminent). They have until 18 September to submit their documents.


Logistical support and strategic


Specifically, the candidates who will be selected will be able, if they wish, have the work space and material resources placed at their disposal by the school. They can especially participate in “workshops, practical and theoretical, bearing on the creation, management, and development of architecture firms“. They will also have the “opportunity to meet and exchange with professionals with different profiles and will do their promotion with its partners and related institutions“. “The contractors will be received 9 months in the program and will be a accompanied suitable for their project, “says finally the school.


The number of candidates who will be selected is not yet defined. They were around $ 19 for the first edition, they should be between 15 and 20 this year.


All the information are available on the site Scale.

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