A report of the Senate pin the management of the housing stock of the army

While the controversy swells since July 19, on the budget of the armed forces after the resignation of the chief of staff, Pierre de Villiers, an alarming report unveiled Thursday by senator Dominique de Legge reveals that the “park real estate is facing a advanced deterioration.”
Barracks and other military infrastructure, poorly maintained, air bases ghosts, or military high schools old, the “Big Dumb” is in the viewfinder of the Senate. After the resignation Of general de Villiers, chief of staff of armies (Cema)* Wednesday, July 19, and the visit of the head of State this Thursday, on the air base of Istres, the debate on the budget of the armed forces continues.


A heritage of 275.000 ha


A new report carried out on behalf of the finance Committee, unveiled by senator Dominique de Legge (LR), push the nail but this time on the worrying state of the housing stock of The Defence. A heritage of great size, which represents a surface area of 275.000 ha.


A “bad management” of the infrastructure disclosed in this document that would, after the senator to a decline in morale of the staff. “Half of these needs were already known during the development of the law on military planning for 2009-2014, but had been excluded to adhere to the ” framing financial highlights the parliamentary report. We have barely enough to stay properly 10,000 personal operation Sentinel, not the means to accommodate half of a class of age if, as has been discussed, military service was restored.”


The senator (LR) is also assessing the real estate needs not funded by the department of the army over the next six years to 2.5 billion euros. As a reminder, the value of 275,000 hectares of the heritage to the Defence is estimated at around 16 billion euros, which represents 27% of the value of the total stock of the State.


In addition, the parliamentary LR reports that “the policy of assignment was not based on the setting of strategic objectives or functional, with the exception of the objective of the reduction in the size of the armed forces.”


The senator also believes that the budget no longer allows that planning for emergencies operating. The report argues that the operations relating to other types of infrastructures, including those of daily life such as sports facilities, catering or accommodation, are constantly pushing. “There is, therefore, a contrast between infrastructure extremely modern (flight simulators, hangars designed to accommodate the A400M or the VBCI, etc) and aging buildings, or very degraded in the absence of a maintenance sufficient”, leading the report.


What avenues of advocacy ?


In view of meeting the real estate needs of the armed forces, the report of the Senate advocates of“improving the monitoring and implementation of buildings policy, including through a review of standards applicable to the ministry of Armies in real estate matters and consider, where appropriate, of developments when they appear manifestly inappropriate.” He also suggests to “make effective the possibility of putting at his disposal a part of the social housing units will be built in the framework of the sale of the island Saint-Germain.”


To the proposal of a study to “assess all costs and think about drop-offs disposals”


In addition, aware that the State wishes to retain a right of way to accommodate in the centre of Paris, the military mobilized in the framework of the operation “Sentinel”, Dominique de Legge request the preparation of a study to assess all costs and benefits related for example, to an “abandonment of the assignment of the Val-de-Grâce in Paris.”


Finally, the note parliamentary requires a new budgeting of receipts from property disposals for the benefit of the program 212, entitled “Support of the defence policy”. In this case, the senator LR wants to “reintroduce a ceiling height of 30 % of the amount of the discount that can be applied in the framework of the ‘Duflot'”. It should be noted that the newspaper Le Parisien in its edition of July 20, 2017, believes that the work to resolve this problem, it would cost 60 million euros.


*Reminder of the controversy on the budget of the armed forces

As a reminder, Peter de Villiers was insurgent, in front of the Defence committee of the Assembly, against the savings of € 850 million requested in the Defense-in 2017. The five-star general had actually considered the budget “not sustainable” and had threatened to resign on 13 July. What he did on Wednesday, 19 July 2017.


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