A provencal mas dare the style Arty

RENOVATION. To promote this provencal farmhouse, the place has been completely redesigned. A modern extension adjacent to the building tricentennial. The key : outdoor spaces enhanced by the wood, areas of relaxation in loss of view, colours and fittings – internal and external – at the forefront of design. The light passes through the house and creates an “inside-out” appreciable by the family… throughout the year. Visit.
Originally : a mas aged and badly arranged. The idea of the owners is to enhance the value of their property by basing the work on the circulation and the spaces. “It was important to create a friendly place where the family can circulate without difficulty”, explained the architect Nicolas Trabucco agency Linoa Architects, commissioned by *Camif-Habitat to implement the project. “We worked on movement and spaces. Residents are responsible for the decoration of the place”, he adds.


The first task was to make an extension to accommodate the bathroom of parental XXL. The new part of life is optimized – shower, bath and sauna – and … open on the patio !


The patio just. The Second axis of reflection for the architect : the development of “the forgotten area”. “The house is in the shape of a U. in The center, there is a patio. Originally, there was nothing and the place was not maintained. It was necessary to rethink the place and create a new space, such as a piece of life”, says the professional. The patio is the link between all the spaces of the building. It is at the heart of the architecture and contributes to the appreciation of the property.


In sum, the result is the height of the hopes : the parts septate have disappeared and have given place to large areas of life, the light passes through the house, the patio has regained form, the decoration is design and full of fantasies… The people can now enjoy their mas in every nook and cranny.
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*Camif Habitat helps individuals do their jobs
Since 1982, Camif Habitat helps breathe life into the projects of renovation, expansion or development of the individuals. The company directs them to a master design to be qualified, the closest to them, may carry out the work. The professional takes the project in hand from A to Z : from its design until its completion. It plans and coordinates the construction site, ensure the follow-up and, above all, guarantees its proper functioning. Personalized support at all stages of the project.


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