A pool chart, mineral and respectful of the environment

SITE IN IMAGES. To enhance their residence and enjoy the beautiful days, the owners decided to make a generous swimming pool built on their plot. Terrace XXL, basin L, use of lava stone black for the rims, or summer kitchen under wood there are now taking place, all perfectly integrated. Visit.
To give the cachet to their family home and enjoy a parcel of land adjacent to their land, owners are opting for the construction of a swimming pool built.
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The specification stipulates a “perfect integration and respectful of the basin to its environment and the biodiversity of floral existing”. The designer Patrick Daumont, in charge of the project, thus imagine a pool that hugs the lines of the garden.


To better realize the rendering of the future pool on the plot, the professional performs a preview of in situ : pegs, wire, and embedded software design have been necessary. From what, the jobs are launched.
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And after two years of work – and many postponements due to inclement weather that hit the region – the pool finally comes out of the ground. Resolutely contemporary, graphic, and natural, it is perfectly integrated into the mediterranean scenery.


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