A platform to estimate online the value of a property

The public authorities were open to individuals based Herit may 1, 2017. It allows, in some clicks, to assess the value of a property.
Since may 1, 2017, individuals have access to the database Herit to obtain the estimate of a property they wish to sell or buy. It is used by the tax administration. They only have to register on the site impots.gouv.fr and give some information about the property in question.


This service had been opened to the individuals as early as 2013, but only in Paris and in the Limousin, and only for initiatives such as the realization of the statements of solidarity tax on wealth (ISF) or succession, deeds of gift, or expropriation proceedings.


At the time, this tool was at the origin of many reviews from the real estate professionals, including Fnaim. For the organization, “the estimation of a property can not be made to a software system, however sophisticated it may be. […] It is as if you proposed to a patient to go on a software to make his diagnosis without going to see the doctor”, was indignant at the time, Jean-François Buet, the president.

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