A national Plan for the reduction of emissions of air pollutants

The ministry of the Environment has published the contours of his struggle for the quality of the air. A decree laying down the targets for the reduction of pollutant emissions has been published, as well as a decree that defines the priority actions and operational modalities for the next five years.
The pollution is a public health issue : 48.000 premature deaths are attributable each year. In addition to the national Strategy of low carbon, the Environment minister has chosen to put in place a “national Plan for the reduction of emissions of air pollutants”. It consists of a decree and a decree which must be published in the Official Journal.


The decree sets specific objectives for reducing emissions of different families of pollutants to the horizon of 2020, 2025 and 2030, in accordance with the objectives adopted in the framework of a european directive of December 2016. For France, therefore, it will send you to -77 % for sulphur dioxide (against the 2005 level), -69 % for oxides of nitrogen, -57 % for fine particles and -52 % for volatile organic compounds (VOCS). The reduction will be less drastic for ammonia (-13 %).

Promote the heating, and transport, low emission


As for the order, it establishes for the period 2017-2021, “priority actions and operational modalities to achieve this“. They were selected among fifty measures evaluated by the ministry and the national Council of the Air. For the building sector, for instance, we will strengthen the transition to modes of heating generate little pollution at the time of the renewal of equipment, or to reduce the sulphur content of domestic fuel oil. In the field of transport, it is the convergence of the tax on fuels, in order to erase the difference between gasoline and diesel, or the development of sustainable mobility. The national Plan also includes cross-cutting actions for the improvement of knowledge on nanoparticles, in particular, for the mobilization of territories and local actors, or the financing of actions in favour of the quality of the air.read also

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