A mediator appointed by the new government for Notre-Dame-des-Landes

The Prime minister and his minister for the ecological Transition confirmed the appointment next to an ombudsman to resolve the thorny issue of the airport of Notre-Dame-des-Landes. A campaign promise of Emmanuel Macron.
The president of the Republic wishes to go fast. Hardly had the government he was appointed, on Wednesday 17 may 2017, Edouard Philippe has confirmed the appointment of a mediator in the controversial issue of the airport Notre-Dame-des-Landes (Loire-Atlantique). On the antenna of France Inter, the new Prime minister declared : “there will be a mediator who will be able to put all of the things on the table, studying all the options, and then we will take a decision which is to be assumed, which will be clear“. Nicolas Hulot, minister of the ecological Transition and solidarity had, in the past, declared in favour of abandoning the project, just like Ségolène Royal who wished to “stop the fees“, noting the deadlock and the opposition encountered. But the airport had the support of heavyweights of the previous government : Jean-Marc Ayrault and Manuel Valls.
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Hulot is against but respectful of the results of the referendum


Edouard Philippe points out the difficulties : “It is a subject more complex“. However, a local referendum was well accepted principle of construction in June 2016. And, on the 27th of April last, the european Commission had classified without following a procedure that could prevent the launch of the work, many times delayed. Learning of the appointment of the members of the government, this same union has reacted : “Emmanuel Macron, Edouard Philippe and Nicolas Hulot have all confirmed he wanted to launch the work of the Airport of the Great West. Good news for the Western regions and also for democracy“. In a press release, he cites the words of the minister of the ecological Transition, pronounced at the time of the local consultation. Nicolas Hulot, however, opposed the project, said : “We can’t ask for a referendum and after, under the pretext that the response is no you will not, oppose decisions which will flow from it… I take note of this democratic vote, I bow my head, everyone must learn the lessons“. Half a million people had spoken, endorsing the construction of the infrastructure.
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What will then be the mission of the mediator wanted by Emmanuel Macron and his government ? It would be a matter of conducting a new study on the expansion of the current airport of Nantes, of which the next saturation had to be resolved by the creation of the new platform. The Prime minister stressed that his minister of the ecological Transition could “implement beliefs in which he believes“. But the mixed union remains convinced : “The will united of the new executive should allow to start the work within 6 months“. Nothing is yet decided.

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