A huge logistic platform in glulam beams out of the ground in the Eure-et-Loir

SITE. The logistics platform of the Carrefour group, consisting not less than 120,000 m2 of structural glued laminated timber is trying to break out of earth to Pourpry (Eure-et-Loir). A large-scale operation carried out by the promoter-contractor general GSE and Arbonis, a subsidiary of Vinci construction specialised in the wood.
Has Pourpry (Eure-et-Loir), the logistics platform of the Carrefour group, desired to become one of its largest in France, is now coming out of the ground. The figures are breathtaking : a site of 140,000 m2 120,000 m2 of structural glued laminated timber.


“This operation is part of the process of transformation of the network of logistics for the Carrefour group”, report to the proponent-contractor general GSE and Arbonis, a subsidiary of Vinci construction specialised in the wood. The goal is to serve half of the hyper and super-markets of France on the shelves of non-food.


Arbonis realizes the structural glued laminated timber, as well as the frames of the facades and the intermediate posts, wood between the cells. “The scenario of realization of this platform has been the subject of reflections flare-ups within Arbonis between the bureau of studies, the team production and the team works to optimize every point of detail, “explains the subsidiary of Vinci Construction. For example : no holes unnecessary, simplification of assemblies,… so as to have a duration of shop fabrication, as well as a length of time on site as short as possible, while maintaining the quality of the finished product.”


Realization of the Carrefour group, the biggest logistics platform in France to Pourpry (Eure-et-Loir) © Agence FRANC SAS

A short time


“The mutualisation of the means of Arbonis is its strength and its difference to meet the constraints of an extremely short timeframe”, indicate the project managers. In fact, the design offices and the production sites of Vérosvres (Saône-et-Loire) Chemillé (Maine-et-Loire), and Péguilhan (Haute-Garonne ) are mobilized to optimize the process and allocate tasks in order to tackle this challenge.


Since mid-December 2016, the manufacture has started on the production sites. And since January, this production has mobilized 70 % of the activity of the workshops of glulam beams. The end of the manufacturing has been completed. “This is not under the age of 16 carpenters, 2 crane, 4 forklift trucks and 10 platforms that are working every day to be able to take this planning”, concludes Arbonis.


Technical data sheet : realization of the logistic platform of the Carrefour group to Pourpry (Eure-et-Loir)
Owner : SCI COVICARGO 5 (Carrefour Property)
Architect : Agence FRANC SAS
Proponent / Contractor general : GSE
Wood Structure : ARBONIS
Copyright : GSE – DEVISUBOX

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