A huge glass roof in the heart of island illuminates an office building haussmann

RENOVATION. Opposite the opera Garnier in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, the building “34 Opera” is distinguished from the work of complete renovation completed in October 2016. The bias of the agency Axel Schoenert architects has been adhere to “codes of the past” of a haussmann building, in particular through the realization of a huge glass roof in the heart of the island. Visit.
The project “Opera 34” restructured at the request of Covéa real Estate and rented today at Octo Technology, specialized in consulting and realization of IT, is distinguished in the face of the Garnier Opera in the second arrondissement of Paris. This building of 5.000 m2, distributed on 6 floors, is distinguished in particular by its huge glass roof and a courtyard garden.


“A breath of modernity”


By delivering this haussmann building in October 2016, the agency of architects in paris by Axel Schoenert wished to “respect the codes of the past architecture of this building dating back to 1877” and brought a “modernity”. With a single objective : to adapt the building to new uses of the company’s tenant, Octo Technology, dedicated to the new technologies.


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