A house off of 90m2 insulates his attic : the key steps

RENOVATION. In the department of the Essonne, the owners of a detached house of 90m2 decide to organize their attic space for a larger living area. Strengthening of the structural framing, insulation and layout of the new space… It took 4 weeks to capture the flag. Zoom.
In order to provide their children with a more extensive living space, the owners of this detached house of the 1980s decide, in April last, to call upon the company to Enlarge Procedures Harnois. Specialized in the transformation of the attic, the company has quickly responded to this and was responsible for the construction site.


The attic lost – by definition uninhabited until then – represented a huge potential for the small family. “The idea was to create two bedrooms and a bathroom to enlarge the house, “says the driver of the work, Serges Worst Leal.


Result : in four weeks (18 days), a team of two carpenters transformed the place. Strengthening of the structure, creating a floor carrier, the integration of a hopper for the stairs or installation of roof windows, are all concrete actions carried out by the professionals.


The arrangement of the attic is also an aspect of eco-responsible. “We have developed a reinforced insulation”, explained the professional. “It took two layers of insulation mineral wool glass Knauf Insulation.” Residents today enjoy a home perfectly insulated thermally and impermeable to air and water vapor. The RT System More used for the insulation – alliance of glass wool and a membrane vapor barrier- improves comfort of life of the inhabitants. The other advantage is … economic. Because the solution meets the standards RT 2012. The house is better isolated and its energy consumption … reduced !


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