A guide to asbestos in the destination of doctors and osh specialists

A guide to better inform osh specialists and occupational physicians on the management of the risk of asbestos has just been published by the professional Organization of prevention in the CONSTRUCTION industry, the APST-BTP-RP, the Gas-MGB. Its authors, three doctors, we deliver the lines.
Bringing together in a single document all of the texts governing the regulation of asbestos. It is in this spirit that was designed “a Guide to asbestos to the attention of occupational physicians and multidisciplinary teams”, a free book published by the professional Organization of prevention in the CONSTRUCTION industry, the APST-BTP-RP and the Gas-MGB. It was written by three occupational physicians, Emmanuelle Brichet, Olivier Brichet and Mireille Loizeau. Addressing in particular safety and health specialists and doctors, it may be of interest to all stakeholders in the sector.


“the regulation is complex and requires a regular update of knowledge”, explain the authors of the book to be Batiactu. “This book has, therefore, to propose to the occupational physicians and osh specialists, a comprehensive document, to respond to the questions they ask most frequently.” Since the regulation of 2012, it is expected of doctors for the work that they provide an opinion on the sampling strategies for asbestos. A task for which they are referred in this book.

The guide will be regularly updated


Many themes are addressed throughout the book, such as the obligations of the occupational physician, training in the prevention of risks related to asbestos or protective measures, depending on the level of dusting. In addition, it contains email templates type or individual record of exposure, records of post asbestos or frames of reference to facilitate the reading and understanding of the withdrawal plans.


“With this guide, we also want to participate in the harmonization of the practices of occupational physicians”, explain the authors. “We will update it regularly, since the rules are constantly changing in this area. A review is already planned for September 2017.”

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