A fund to manage the deposits : “the idea dishonest and unacceptable”

A report submitted to the minister of Housing by the Council-general of the environment and sustainable development advocates to create a fund managed by a public institution and is paid for by the deposits of all rentals. An idea that rejects Jean-François Buet, President of FNAIM.
This idea is dishonest and unacceptable, “wrote the President of the FNAIM, Jean-François Buet, in a press release published on 26 April 2017. This idea, what is it ? In a report submitted recently to Emmanuelle Cosse, the general Council of the environment and sustainable development (CGEDD) advises to create a fund managed by a public institution and is paid for by the deposits of all rentals. The CGEDD motivates this proposal by the fact that according to him the security deposit is the subject of many disputes and rental. A situation swept by the FNAIM for that “litigation rental does not represent [..] only a small fraction of the rentals in France“. The president of the FNAIM notes that these disputes are for “almost all” settled by the joint arbitration.


“There is an urgent need to bury this proposal,”


But the criticism of the FNAIM does not stop there. In fact, the CGEDD explained that this fund, “estimated to end at nearly 4 billion euros“, could “benefit the financing of the energy transition, to actions in favour of decent housing, or to secure rental“. However, Jean-François Buet consider that “the authors are not aware of the reality“. He writes : “Are they gone to see in the firms management what use is made of deposits when a tenant leaves his dwelling and that it is necessary to correct the effects of wear or degradation?“. What bothers also is that the authors of this report,”sweep the work of parliamentarians for the past 30 years“. He then reminds the existence of the law of 6 July 1989 on the rental income that poses a “clear rules“.
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The FNAIM believes that’only the manager can appreciate […] if the deposit can be made and in what proportion, “and that only the owner “can decide to use to make this deposit“. Jean-François Buet also evokes the law ALUR and his “advances” that have codified “the estimate of the age“.


In conclusion, the president of the federation deems “urgent need to bury this proposal, which unearths an outdated conception of the relations between owners and tenants, as professional managers contribute to thin with success in the private park“.

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