A factory signed Eiffel transformed into a site of high-tech

REHABILITATION. Meeting rooms ultra-connected, auditorium, and a slide… In an old paper mill royal of the 18th century, rebuilt in part by the young Gustave Eiffel, the 507 Fab House, for delivery in 2016 by the Hutchison group offers in Loiret a new way of working, and to innovate around the manufacture of rubber.
Has Châlette-sur-Loing, near Montargis(Loiret), the Hutchison group with 40.000 employees, the world leader in system-vibration, management of fluids and sealing solutions around the transformation of the rubber has chosen to rehabilitate the place where it took root in 1853.


A metallic structure designed by the company Eiffel


“On this ancient paper mill royal of the 18th century built of wood, of which the metal structure is due to the company Eiffel, we have upgraded the site to make it a place of life and innovation”, explains Margot Cordier Architect, project manager at the agency in paris Still Happy, together and architects collective since 2001. This building has been the victim of a fire in 1869.It is Alcander Hutchinson, son of the founder, who then appealed to the engineer and industrial Gustave Eiffel, in order to rebuild it in less than six months. This factory is considered as one of the most beautiful of Europe was still in industrial operations a decade ago !


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