A facade raster for the building’s Skylight

HOUSING. This is the first housing tower, to be inaugurated in the district of The Defense for 30 years. Surrounded by towers of glass, the building’s Skylight adopts a holding metal in order to protect the privacy of its occupants, students, and young households. Louis Paillard, the architect, we discover the secrets of its design.
In the same way that the function creates the organ, it is possible to say : “stress is born.” This is what was demonstrated by the architect Louis Paillard with project Skylight, a high-rise apartment appearing at the west end of the La Defense business district, between the headquarters of the Société Générale and the U-Arena, an area more accustomed to the properties of the glass residences with loggias.
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Located in an enclave of Puteaux on a triangular parcel is open to the north, at the base of two metro lines and a motorway tunnel, the building has indeed been constrained geometrically, which was not to displease to the supervisor. He says : “It is a contemporary project, a housing tower that is not IGH, mixed ability, of which the first nine levels are to be occupied by a student residence managed by Gecina, and of which the nine upper floors are dedicated to housing in accession, which are made up of duplex in the rotator cuff of the building“.


The tower is thus “swaying hips” of eight metres in order to reach to take the main views of the south side. In contrast, this large overflow is not a door-to-false, since it is supported by a colonnade.
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