A concrete block aesthetic multifunction to secure the events

To stop the vehicle rams, and secure temporary perimeters, the company Blocstop has developed a range of concrete blocks to the neat design. They integrate various functions of identification and communication. Interview with the inventor of the system and officer of the company, Abdel Feghoul.
The events of the Promenade des Anglais have left scars in the whole French society. And Abdel Feghoul, the founder of Blocstop is no exception to the rule. As early as August 2016, it has worked to create products tailored to the securing of perimeters, the face of the threat of vehicles rams, beyond the simple metal barrier. “Which differs from the other blocks, is that behind this design, there is an idea : to combine aesthetics and security, because the visual aspect is very important“, says the head of the company.


The concrete blocks shall adopt, therefore, a particular shape, over-worked, the corners are beveled. “The form is not unimportant, “says Abdel Feghoul. “The design is specific, with a note of calculation. The concrete is fiber, for a better resistance“. Four models co-exist, of a weight ranging from 900 pounds to 2 tons, to meet the various constraints of space and ground pressure. Capable of stopping a vehicle launched at high speed, the blocks include many other features. First, an anchor system Artéon, the only one which is recommended for lifting. Then, hooks to draw in barrier Vauban which allow them to be secure. A system of pebble-to guide allows even a security guard or a member of the forces of the order of sliding the barrier in the case of access control by filtering. “He stays behind the protective device and the difficulty of manipulation of the barriers is reduced, “says the ceo of Blocstop.


Support signage, hoarding or cabinet, counting


In addition to their function as barriers, anti-crossing, the blocks may also adopt other roles, such as support for masts or lights. By the addition of a strut resting on a system of brackets, it is also possible to use as fixing for fence construction full, without the need of digging and the use of masonry. The other option, that of customize the blocks and turn them into a medium of communication or advertising. “All the blocks are painted, are delivered clean, and are equipped with a reflective plate. It is also possible to fit a spot photovoltaic energy which illuminates the volume of the block at night thanks to the energy quietly stored in the day“, tells the officer, before turning to the production of modules in concrete, make temporary electrical installations on construction sites.


Block anti-vehicle aries © Account Facebook of Blocstop

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In fact, it is also possible to incorporate, in some blocks dug, cabinets counting electrical connected to a transformer EDF“, he adds. “Thanks to a booking inside the block becomes all-in-one !“. The company said, offering his blocks for sale or hire, with transport, set-up and removal. Modules that are, for the time, carried out by the company itself, up to 85 units per week. “We are looking for investors to be able to change scale and multiply by two this production, in the amount of other units placed strategically on the territory“, concludes Abdel Feghoul. Because if the Blocstop is seducing more and more municipalities and organizers of events, in the region of New Aquitaine, and well beyond, up to Cannes for the film festival or Dunkerque, and Valenciennes, the cost of transportation of concrete blocks across the territory will become difficult to justify. The company would also work on an integration project in the Northern department.


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