A bill to support the SMALL and medium sized businesses, announced for 2018

The government will introduce in 2018, a bill to support specifically to msmes in their business. Details.
The Economy minister, Bruno Le Maire, during the hearing on the 19th July 2017 at the economic affairs commission of the national Assembly, presented the main lines of the economic policy of the quinquennium. Among the priority axes, support for SMALL and medium sized businesses (which ” consists trèsmajoritairement the construction sector).


“In Germany, large companies are in solidarity with the SME. Not in France, Bruno Le Maire,


A draft framework law will be introduced in 2018 on this subject, announced by the minister. “These are the TPE and SMES, which will create the maximum jobs”, writes Bruno Le Maire. “We have plenty of SME wonderful, but they fail to become enterprises of intermediary size (ETI).” To create the environment for this, the minister intends to apply his method of work, based on consultation.


“From September 2017 through January 2018, parliamentary missions will be named, and I will invite five to ten large companies to engage with SMES on issues such as terms of payment, unemployment and technical support in times of crisis. In Germany, during an economic crisis, the prime contractors supporting the SMES. Not in France.” A state of fact that the minister intends to make it evolve with the bill “the most efficient possible“. Go to the start of the year.

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