Vermeyen, your general construction or renovation company

Your project in good hands

Founded in 1986, SA Vermeyen is a general construction, renovation and processing company active in the Walloon and Brussels regions.

It offers its clients a global service with a high added value for their construction project: from design to after-sales service, through its complete realization and the management of all stakeholders. This completely personalized accompaniment guarantees a zero-hassle job: guaranteed price, savings of money and time, controlled planning, unique contact and listening.

A general construction company for a zero-hassle job!

Vermeyen offers its services mainly to individuals who have a project of construction or renovation, whether or not they have the plans of an architect. We also act as general construction company with the administrations, companies and real estate companies.

Why choose Vermeyen?

Our personalized support (from design to after-sales service, through the realization of the project):

  • Assists applicants in construction, processing or renovation
  • Who want to live in serenity a serene site experience
  • With the security of price, quality and planning.

Or ?

We act mainly in the Walloon Region and the Brussels-Capital Region.
Since when ?

Vermeyen exists since 1986. Return on some milestones in the history of this general construction company:

  • 1987: Foundation of Vermeyen-Nogarotto by André Vermeyen and Antonio Nogarotto, two men of field, whose aim was to create a family company, human, close to customers and aiming to satisfy them to the maximum
  • 1993: Rental of a hall (depot) and an additional office
  • 2005: The first child of the founders, Julie, enters society (as an administrative employee). She later became head of financial and human resources management, then a director in 2006.
  • 2007: The 2nd child, Pierre, joined the company, first as a worker, then as a manager in 2010, site manager and production manager.
  • 2009: Vermeyen-Nogarotto becomes Vermeyen S.A.: renewal of the company’s image (creation of various communication media: website, presentation brochure), always faithful to its values
photos groupe vermeyen 3 modifier copier

photos groupe vermeyen 3 modifier copier

Above all, a family SME!

Vermeyen S.A. has been a family-run business since its beginnings, listening to your expectations. Your interlocutor is the boss himself. Always available if you have specific questions or requests, it follows your site step by step. His children now have shares in society. Two of them work actively, one as production manager and the other as responsible for financial management and human resources: complementary profiles for a general construction company! The new generation is therefore ready to take up the torch and to perpetuate the values of flexibility and proximity since always defended.

Vermeyen operates with 3 separate departments, each being managed by one of the family members active in the company: André Vermeyen, Pierre Vermeyen, Julie Vermeyen.

Qualified staff

Currently Vermeyen S.A. employs about 15 specialized and trained workers within the company. Passionate and professional, they have the concern for work well done to better meet your expectations (respecting in particular scrupulously the design of the architect).

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