46 billion euros to improve and renew the railway network

The Government and the SNCF have signed, on 20 April 2017, the contracts linking the State to the public group rail. They confirm the priority given to the maintenance and renewal of the rail network. Details.
Michel Sapin and Alain Vidalies have signed with the group public railway the three contracts are binding to the State. They define the strategic objectives assigned to each of the parties and the funding for the next 10 years. In a press release, Bercy highlights that this “signature marks the completion of railway reform after the law of 4 August 2014“.


These three contracts are composed of a framework agreement laying down the broad strategic orientations of the group and the two business contracts formalize the strategic plans of the SNCF Network, and SNCF mobilités, and present “the financial trajectories of these companies“. In the operational contract signed with SNCF Mobilités one of the gate goals on modernization of railway stations in order that they offer “a better quality of service, “and that they contribute “to the development of intermodality around the railway“.


Continue the effort already committed by the State
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Among the six objectives defined in the operational contract signed with SNCF Network, it is planned the constructionof a rail network that is innovative“. The press release of the ministry of Economy and Finance specifies that this network will be “turned towards the new technologies and engaged in the ecological transition“.


This contract confirms the priority given to the maintenance and renewal of the rail network, with “a total of 46 billion euros of planned investments on the existing network during the 10 years of the contract“. For Bercy, “hecontinues the effort already committed by the State in the matter, which has paid the amounts spent on the maintenance and renewal of 3Mds € per year in 2007 to almost 5 billion euros this year“. Finally, this contract confirms the mobilisation of€ 100 Million extra per year by 2020 in favor of the renewal.

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