25 km of bamboo to cover a office building in Toulouse

IMAGES. As a result of an operation of demolition, the building “Elipsys” made in the city center of Toulouse, the agency Taillandier Associated Architects stands out on nearly 10.0000 m2 by its façade of bamboo. Discovery.
In the city centre of Toulouse, near the metro Palace of Justice, the building “Elipsys” carried by the group Duval, is distinguished by its façade of bamboo on nearly 10.000 m2. It took precisely 25 km of bamboo to cover the whole of the operation side of course. A program that has been delivered in December 2016, by the Agency Taillandier Architects, based in Toulouse, france.


“The bamboo in the front are a reinterpretation of the blinds is bamboo, split that it was positioned on the outside of the windows of the houses in the south-west, to filter the light while letting through the air,” recalls the architect from toulouse, Pierre-Louis Taillandier.


Avoid drill and mechanically attach the bamboo on the building


According to him, the bamboo remains a “natural material that can undergo deformation and the consequent related to the amplitudes and high heat in our region.”
The issue of the installation of the bamboo on the building ? It was to avoid the drill and to fix it mechanically. “In fact, bamboo is a material strong but weakens a lot when it weakens its fiber”, explains the project leader.
The system in place has allowed a perfect fit of the bamboo and prevents it from moving under the effect of the wind.


In respect of the project, “the website hosted by the college Montalembert, rue des 36 Ponts, but no longer allowed to continue to receive the students in good conditions, is also reminiscent of the architect Pierre-Louis Taillandier. A meeting of the two entities, college and high school, was then carried out, avenue de Lespinet.”
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