2017, a promising year for the sale of individual homes

The beginning of the year 2017 is marked by the continued rising sales of single-family houses. Depending on the indicator Markemétron, the first quarter recorded an increase of 15.8% compared to 2016. The sector could, by as early as 2017, reconnect with a level of activity similar to that of before the crisis. Details.
Manufacturers can rejoice in the latest figures released Thursday to the sales of single-family houses. In fact, according to the latest edition of the indicator Markemétron, (Caron Marketing, LCA-FFB), the first quarter of 2017 enjoys a 15.8% increase compared to last year. Better yet, the annual growth rate of displays, at the end of march 2017, an increase of 19.5 %, 139.500 homes sold. LCA-FFB reminds us that “the gross sales of private houses in sector diffuse have gained 19.5% in 2016 (133.600 units) and 13.7% in 2015, after four years of decline“. Builders welcome, therefore,”the prosecution, in the first three months of the year 2017, the powerful growth in sales of individual houses“.


The indicator points out that after a month of January 2017 “exceptional“, the market seemed to have hesitated in February. A flutter of short duration, as sales jumped in march, a 14% year-on-year. The authors consider that “the demand is always strong and determined“. According to them, this growth is supported by favourable credit conditions and “the effectiveness of the PTZ“. For the president of LCA-FFB, Patrick Vandromme, “this situation in real estate is favourable sends the message that must retain the future host of the Élysée and the future of parliament : keep the systems that work and bring all the attention on the too many blockages, which affect the production time and increase the cost of the costs“.


Since the end of last year, Markemétron finds that the sales are progressing “at a steady pace” and that “the vitality of the market is undeniable“, with 19.5% of sales at the end of march 2017 year-on-year, against 14.5% in 2016, at the same time. Year-on-year, so they are 139.500 sales that were made at the end of march 2017. A “vitality of the comparable market to that in the spring of 2011“, analyze the authors state that “the sector could return as early as 2017 with the activity level he knew prior to the international economic and financial crisis of 2008“. Subject to the condition that nothing seemed to “halt the momentum of the market“, they add.


Finally, in all regions, sales were up over 16% at the annual level. It is in the pays-de-Loire (+27%), Britain (+23%) and in the PACA region (+22%) the progressions are the most dynamic.


Applications to improve the relationship between manufacturers and customers


If the sales figures of individual houses are encouraging for the future, manufacturers think of new ways to attract and give confidence to their customers. The digital tool is one of them. Great builders of individual houses have started to develop their own tools. For those who have not crossed the cape, the start-up Ubitik launched in November of 2016, its web interface can be integrated with the site builders. Baptized Scoplan, it is the fruit of a collaboration with the builders of individual houses in the LCA-FFB. One of the creators, François Amadei, summarizes : “This digital interface will decrease the anxiety of the customers and save you time working to the builders of individual houses“.


Specifically, this tool enables professionals to learn the different stages of a project, from its conception to its realization, or even the maintenance of the house. As soon as a prospect encounter a constructor, then this can open a digital file and start to fill in the parts (quote, plu, plan, etc.). During the construction, the customer can follow the progress of the construction site (photos, schedule of interventions, approaches to administrative to undertake, the timing of the payments…) directly from this interface, and add comments. It may also create a blog.


At each stage of the project, a questionnaire is sent to the customer to measure their satisfaction. “This allows the manufacturer to reassure his client as soon as it shows signs of concern,” says François Amadei, which reminds us that one “of the main fears of the builders of individual houses is appearing with negative reviews on online forums“.

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